Volume 3, Issue 25 (Dec 2017)

Case Report: Open Access

Glioblastoma multiforme: An incidental finding?

Tarek Mansour; Luke Mugge; Manish Karamchandani; Robert Mrak; Kevin Reinard; Jason Schroeder*

Case Report: Open Access

Systemic lupus erythematosus with shortness of breath

Geetha Wickrematilake, MBBS, MD, MRCP(UK)

Clinical Image: Open Access

Periapical cyst associated with extra oral sinus tract

Cyril Pandarakalam, BDS, MDS*; Arthur Misischia, DMD

Case Report: Open Access

Celiac disease in older persons: A case of seronegative disease

Giuliano Cassataro*; Ligia J Dominguez; Mario Barbagallo

Volume 3, Issue 26 (Dec 2017)

Case Report: Open Access

Autoimmune pancreatitis - Case series

Manoj Munirathinam, MD*; Pugazhendhi Thangavelu, MD, DM; Ratnakar Kini, MD, DM

Case Report: Open Access

Retrograde migration of a subclavian artery stent requiring open surgical trimming

Jakub Kaczynski*; Joseph Sathianathan

Case Report: Open Access

Antiphospholipid syndrome: A rare cause of multiple intra-abdominal infarcts

Bharat Khialani*; Christopher Sia

Case Report: Open Access

An unusual case of drowsiness

Preet Shah*; Nishtha Nagral; Vijay Dhakre; Fali Poncha

Case Report: Open Access

Spontaneous splenic rupture in a patient with factor XIII deficiency

Noman Shahzad*; Tabish Umer Chawla; Natasha Ali; Rizwan Sultan; Ahmed Zulfiqar