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Volume 3, Issue 5

Case Report: Open Access

Generalized tonic clonic seizure as the primary manifestation of diphenhydramine overdose

Jason W. Lancaster, PharmD, MEd*; Arnavaz Hajizadeh Barfejani, PharmD

Case Report: Open Access

Mycobacterium kansasii liver abscess in a patient with HIV

Elsia Yoo*; Mohammed Sammanodi; Andrew Zhao; Michael Hocko

Case Report: Open Access

Percutaneous restoration of native occluded coronary arteries in a patient with failing bypass grafts

Pepijn A.van Diemen, BSc; Wijnand J. Stuijfzand, MD*; Pieter G. Raijmakers, MD, PhD; Alexander Nap, MD, PhD; Niels vanRoyen, MD, PhD; Paul Knaapen, MD, PhD

Case Report: Open Access

Ocular associations of myelinated retinal nerve fibers: A study based on a case report

Sonay Beyatli, BS; Yasemin Polat, BS; Ali Riza Cenk Celebi, MD, FEBO*

Case Report: Open Access

Pyoderma gangrenosum presenting as bilateral leg and foot ulcers

Gaurav K Sharma, MD*; Angie Tripathi, MD; George Bechir, MD; John Yoon, MD; Joseph Abraham, MD; Charles Lawler, MD; Roop Gupta, MD

Volume 3, Issue 6

Case Report: Open Access

Nephrotic syndrome in the elderly caused by primary renal non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: Case report

Nguyen Bach*; Nguyen Duc Cong; Huynh Ngoc Linh; Tran Thi Bich Huong; Vu Van Vu

Case Report: Open Access

A rare case of peripheral odontogenic myxoma of mandibular posterior lingual gingiva

Ameena Singh*; Susmita Saxena; Sukumar Singh; Ankita Tandon

Case Report: Open Access

Fanconi Anemia: In Newborn-unusual presentation

Abayneh Girma Demisse*; Zemene Tigabu; Getnet Aschale; Temesgen Tadesss; David Gordon

Case Report: Open Access

An unusual indication for a bypass

Jitendra Jain, MBBS, BMedSc (Hons)*; Hansraj Riteesh Bookun, MBBS, BMedSci; Barend Mees, MD, PhD, FEBVS; Cassandra Hidajat, MBBS (Hons); Timothy Wagner, MBBS, FRACS

Clinical Image: Open Access

Small bowel intussusception and occlusion as first presentation of melanoma

Pinotti Enrico, MD*; Silvia Frassani, MD; Giulia Lo Bianco, MD; Luca Degrate, MD; Fabrizio Romano, MD