Volume 4, Issue 15 (August 2018)

Clinical Image: Open Access

An unusually long stomal prolapse in a paediatric patient

Gyanendra Singh; Richa Chauhan*; Upendra Prasad Singh*

Case Report: Open Access

A case of disappearing toxic epidermal necrolysis after cessation of cefepime

Ahmad Nakshabandi, MD*; Anand Naryanan, MD; Hari Nandakumar, MD; Andrew Ajemian, MD; Kristen Powell BSN; Parvin Muniyappa MD

Case Report: Open Access

Mechanical thrombectomy for deep vein thrombosis with congenital anomaly of the inferior vena cava: A case report

Lin-Yen Wang*; Reng-Hong Wu; Chien-Jen Lin; Julie Chi Chow

Case Report: Open Access

Massive pulmonary embolism- Is it because of Behcet’s Disease?

Aiza Tariq*; JasimAlidina; Alfredo Astua

Case Report: Open Access

Tuberculosis of the appendix: A rare presentation of extrapulmonary tuberculosis

Mohammad Y Abdulrazaq*; Ammar S Zaidan; Talal S Rejab; Hayder Adnan Fawzi

Volume 4, Issue 16 (August 2018)

Case Report: Open Access

Massive pulmonary embolism presenting as syncope and treated successfully with tenecteplase: an interesting case report.

Michail Fosteris*; Pantelis Koutoukas; Panagiotis Georgantas ; Andreas Lamprou

Case Report: Open Access

Left post-traumatic diaphragmatic hernia with incarcerated and perforated colon

Issam Serghini*; Hassan Alaoui; Mohamed Amine Aznag; Younés Aissaoui; Rachid Sedikki;Youssef Qamouss; Mohamed Boughalem; Mohammed Lahkim; Ahmed El Khader; Mohamed Ramraoui; AbdessamadAchour; Rachid El Barni; Adil Arsalane

Case Report: Open Access

An unlikely cause of decompensated heart failure: Repetitive non-reentrant ventriculoatrial synchrony

Jeffrey A Marbach, MBBS, MSc, FRCPC; Mouhannad M Sadek*, MD, FRCPC

Case Report: Open Access

Ectopic thoracic kidney in infancy

Sushil Gunaseelan*; MalleshKariyappa; Roshni Krishnegowda