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Volume 3, Issue 3

Case Report: Open Access

Prosthodontic rehabilitation of a mandibulectomy patient with an implant-retained overdenture: A clinical report

Yesiboli Yeerken, DDS; Takafumi Otomaru, DDS, PhD*; Kamarul Hisham Kamarudin, BDS, MFDS; Yuka Sumita, DDS, PhD; Mohamed Said, BDS, MPhil; Motohiro Munakata, DDS, PhD; Shohei Kasugai, DDS, PhD; Hisashi Taniguchi, DDS, PhD

Clinical Image: Open Access

In transit metastases of a leg merkel cell carcinoma

Catarina Frias, MD

Case Report: Open Access

Hereditary Cardiac Amyloidosis: A Case Report

Yu-hui Huang, MS

Volume 3, Issue 4

Case Report: Open Access

Ameloblastic fibrosarcoma in a 10-year-old girl: Literature review and a rare case report

Jatinder S Singh; Rajiv S Desai*; Shivani P Bansal; Akash P Nehete; Reema V Mehta

Case Report: Open Access

Serum cardiac troponin T in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis without miocardial damage: case reports

Alessandro Graziani*; Mario Casmiro; Martina Zaninotto; Federica Mirici Cappa; Ilaria Lazzari; Stefania Valenti; Giuseppe Francesco Stefanini

Case Report: Open Access

Multiple myeloma in 25 years old patient

Saddaf Akhtar*; Muhammad Shabbir

Case Report: Open Access

Benign paroxysmal torticollis of infancy

Manasa Josyula, MD; Dilip R Patel MD, MBA*; Aaron Lane Davies MD

Case Report: Open Access

An atypical presentation of Miller Fisher Syndrome

Kevin McGehrin*; Dominic Ferrey; Revere Kinkel