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Open Journal of Clinical and Medical
Case Reports (ISSN 2379-1039)

Open Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports is an international, open access, peer reviewed Journal mainly focused exclusively on the medical and clinical case reports. This Journal serves as a unique & growing storehouse for all valuable collection of cases covering every discipline of health care and invites healthcare professionals & researchers to submit, search & access the deposited case reports in all disciplines of clinical medicine.

The Journal is focused exclusively upon the case reports providing insights about detailed report of the symptoms or signs or diagnosis or treatment and follow-ups of an individual patient.

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Case Report: Open Access

Arterial bypass surgery and stenting to enable clot retrieval: A case of an acute ischaemic stroke in a patient with Takayasu's arteritis

TMargaret Nguyen, MD*; Hansraj Riteesh Bookun, MBBS; Jitendra Jain, MBBS; Cassandra Hidajat, MBBS

Case Report: Open Access

Noninfiltrating extradural angiolipoma of Spine: A case report

Hitesh Dawar*; Rajat Mahajan; HS Chhabra

Case Report: Open Access

Biventricular fulminant myocarditis: A case report

Mami Yuki*; Tatsuya Kawasaki; Sakiko Honda; Chieko Sakai; Tadaaki Kamitani; Kenji Kawabata

Case Report: Open Access

Sudden onset unresponsiveness and seizure in an infant: Don't forget battered baby syndrome!

Anirban Mandal*; Amitabh Singh; Puneet Kaur Sahi

Case Report: Open Access

A Case of eosinophilic gastroenteritis in a Patient with glycogen storage disease type 1a

Chad Thornhill; Heather Saavedra; Nina Tatevian; Hope Northrup; Marc Rhoads; Fernando Navarro; David Rodriguez-Buritica*

Case Report: Open Access

Metastatic triple negative ductal carcinoma presenting as an ileal mass

Ricardo Parrondo*; Sarah Lee; Matthew Kutner; Veronica Mariotti; Miguel Gonzalez Velez; Alpesh Amin

Case Report: Open Access

Ultrasound guided bilateral ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerve block after bilateral groin dissection

Suresh Seelam; Abhijit Nair*; Asiel Christopher; Basanth Kumar Rayani

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